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Top10FX’s Top 10 Forex Trading Sites: List of Top Forex Trading Sites

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Top10FX’s Top 10 Forex Trading Sites: List of Top FX Brokers

If you’re looking for a reliable list of the ten best forex trading sites, seek no more as we have here with decided to bring you a list of the ten most dominant, efficient and well-functioning forex trading sites out there, and we really think this list is going to help you make an ideal decision as to which forex site to go for.

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Forex Factory

Forex Factory Main Page

You can expect this forex site to come along with an official Forex forum as well as a more superior calendar feature. Moreover, this site gives you access to an exclusive section which is full of information regarding the latest news in the world of forex trading, making it an ideal broker.


FXStreet Main Page

FXStreet is well-known mainly for providing all of its features and services in various languages apart from the regular features. Besides, users receive some estimated forecasts and signals included in the weekly updates and also receive individual previews regarding the up and coming significant events regarding foreign exchange trading and services.


ForexLive Main Page

This site is known for making the best out of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to keep its traders up to date regarding the latest and the most critical updates in the world of forex trading. Moreover, they also are known for bringing in the interbank features which do affect the essential news updates and forex updates and much more.


Alphaville Main Page

Financial Times runs Alphaville, an active blog which is dedicated to providing its users with the excellent analysis in a lot of detail. Not only do they provide quick and fast updates but also help their users understand these updates regarding forex trading, eventually helping them make more educated decisions.

Trading NRG

Trading NRG Main Page

Trading NRG concentrates on making sure all the users receive the latest information on time regarding forex trading. They try to ensure that the updates regarding the trending trading commodities such as silver, gold, oil and gas should be out there made available to the public on time, as it is essential that this information is made use of at the earliest to make sound trading decisions. Trade NRG is known for doing its tasks perfectly and flawlessly, which is why it has gained all the popularity it currently possesses.


ForexTV MainPage

You are not going to find many sites like this one, as it is one to actively participate in the growth of the foreign exchange trading industry. They provide exclusive and efficient video content which you will not be able to find elsewhere. You can expect to receive video updates live and on the go. Therefore, this site is going to help you make quick and efficient trading decisions by keeping you up to date all the time.


NetDania Main Page

The speciality of this site is that it makes use of a flawless way to present all the latest forex updates to its customers. They make use of charting tools which many other sites with a tremendous user-base use as well to provide the latest insight into the world of foreign exchange trading. With the software being easy to use and efficient, active services are something NetDania never fail to provide.


Curransee Main Page

Currensee is one of the oldest social network setups dedicated to foreign exchange which has successfully been able to make a difference, especially in the year 2010. Moreover, they ensure they keep their customers updated with the latest information regarding the world of foreign exchange, and they do it pretty well.


FXTechstrategy Main Page

This site is known for providing excellent technical analysis, which not only covers the currencies but also the rest of the valuable metals and many commodities, making the best out of some technical tools to make this possible.

DailyFX Blogs

DailyFX Main Page

This blog is probably the most popular and also the most extensive blog dedicated towards foreign exchange trading. The best part about it is that it comes with a unique section specially designed for discussions regarding forex updates and news, which gives the users a community of forex traders to discuss forex trading with.

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