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We understand your concerns regarding safety and privacy while visiting any particular website on the internet, which is why we have come up with a slightly strict privacy policy here at the Top 10 Forex website. These policies are sure to make you feel safer as you use our site and not worry about the violation of your privacy. We are always going to let you visit our website anonymously as many times as you wish so that you won’t be risking your personal information either.

Contrary to the rest of the Forex related information and news websites out there, we do not and never will force you to sign up to gain access to any section of the website or the entire website as a whole. You can anonymously browse the whole site and will gain complete access.

You will be required to provide your email if you wish to contact us, but we would also like to let you know that we respect the fact that you decided to contact us, and will respect your privacy. We will use your email address solely to reply to your inquiries and nothing more.

We do not believe in spamming our subscribers with any advertising or marketing emails. We respect the privacy and preferences of all our visitors and would like them to enjoy and make the best out of the whole site. Feel free to hit us with suggestions and feedback as well by visiting the ‘contact us’ page!

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