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Top 10 Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms to Trade Online

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Top 10 Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms to Trade Online

Below, you are going to find a piece of information which you probably should be aware of before you start your forex trading career after choosing one of the top Forex broker sites we have featured in our list underneath. You can expect to find some websites ranked by their popularity in the world of forex trading.

You will find not only the names of the top and leading Forex brokers but also all the relevant information about them which is going to help you run an amazing trading career, making the best out of all the services provided by these brokers.


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eToro Review

Why Trade Forex Online?

There exist some reasons as to why it is beneficial for one to trade forex online. Even though it may seem a bit complex and hard to understand at first when you are a new trader, the environment is something you can get used to with time. You get to choose a wide range of currencies to pair them together and also numerous trading platforms to start trading with, all of which, once you get used to them, are sure to help you make high profits.

The best part about online Forex trading, which you should be aware of, is that you are never going to have to buy the two currencies you choose to trade against each other, so there are no purchasing costs whatsoever. This way, the cost of becoming a forex trader turns out to be less compared to different types of traders.

The only decision you are supposed to make as a forex trader while trading at any one of our top 10 Forex brokers featured on our lists, is to predict the movement of the value of a particular currency. And doing this online gives you more chances of getting it right and placing your trades rather quick, with more significant leverage as well.

It apparently is much better than actually buying a currency first, and then waiting for it to move in a particular direction before trying to sell that currency once again to buy another one. Not only is this method rather too slow but is also less rewarding.

However, this was a thing of the past and now, thanks to the next generation technology and forex brokers we have with their efficient trading platforms. You can trade anywhere at any time at a quick pace. We on our site have only listed the best out of all, and the list begins here.

Recommended Forex brokers platforms and websites

Banc De Binary logoBanc De Binary: Banc De Binary allows you to start making your currency trades with an amount as little as 1.00, while the maximum amount you can trade with is 3000.00.

The profits you can earn at Banc De Binary can go as high as 91%. A minimum deposit of 250.00 is required before you can get started. The broker is known for high trading.

High Trading

uBinary LogouBinary: With uBinary, traders can place forex trades with amounts as high as 5000.00 while the minimum amount one has to trade is 20.00.

The profits you can expect to make at uBinary go as high as 85%. You are required to deposit 100.00 in the form of minimum deposit to start your account. The broker is known for providing variable purchase limits.

Variable Purchase Limits

AnyOption logoAnyOption: This trading site would be an ideal one if you are looking to trade binary options as for variable amounts. You will be able to trade for variable costs the maximum limit for any single currency trade option at AnyOption is also found to be varying.

The highest profit you can make at AnyOption is 80%. The best part about this broker is that the purchase limits are usually low.

Low Purchase Limit

TradeRush logoTradeRush: TradeRush allows you to make forex trades in currency with an amount as little as 10.00.

Also, it lets you trade as high as 5000.00 as well, which makes it a sort of an all-rounder, allowing both low and high amounts of trades. It also enables you to earn a profit of up to 81%.

Banc De Swiss logoBanc de Swiss: At Banc de Swiss, the minimum trading amount requirement is 25.00.

And the maximum amount you can trade at a time is 1500.00.

You can make a profit of up to 75%. One of the premium trading brokers we recommend to you.

Trade Quicker logoTradeQuicker: At TradeQuicker, the minimum deposit is 300.00 before you can get started with a new account. Once your account is live, the minimum amount you can trade with is 25.00, and the maximum amount you can trade with is 2500.00, with the maximum possible profit being 88%. It is one of the best forex trading sites out there.

Top Forex Sites

TopOption logoTopOption: This would be the ideal choice for traders who are looking for a maximum trading amount limit that varies in value. The minimum trading amount requirement is 5.00, and the profit you can make can be as high as 85% with TopOption.

You will just need to make a small deposit of 100.00 to fulfil the minimum deposit requirement, and you’re set.

EZTrader logoEZTrader: EZTrader allows you to start trading with a minimum amount of only 25.00 while a maximum amount of 3000.00 at a time.

However, it allows you make an excellent profit, which can be as high as 95%. You will just need to make a small deposit of 200.00 in the form of minimum deposit to start your account and get going.

How Does a Forex Broker Qualify as One of our Top 10?

There are some aspects we consider before even thinking about including a broker on our featured list of top ten forex brokers, to make sure we only feature the best. We put them to the test and personally check all their features out ourselves before we consider them for the position of a leading forex broker site.

We register with every broker and enter their real money trading environment, trying out all the features and testing all the promises made to ensure that their service is of top quality and efficient. We make accounts, make the required initial deposit and also make the best out of the sign-up or welcome bonuses provided to test if everything is legitimate.

We also notice how much time the bonus amounts take to show up in our accounts and also keep an eye on whether any deposits made by us into any of the sites we list are not being charged with charges or fees that seem rather high or unfair. We also spend a reasonable amount of time using the trading platforms provided by the brokers to see how convenient and efficient they are and try to observe if the Forex Pairings on offer are diverse and many.

If you wish to make profits with your forex trades, you need to make sure that the broker you have opted for offers a wide range of currency pairings for you to compare and trade with. Hence, we have ensured that any forex trading broker we list on our site provides an extensive range of currency pairings and really efficient and user-friendly trading platforms so life becomes easy for our visitors if they choose one of the brokers we feature.

Another aspect we have to consider is the amount of time these sites take to process withdrawals. It is fair if you are not required to wait for more extended periods of time just to get your withdrawals, and we only include such brokers in our lists. Hence, to qualify for our list of top ten forex broker sites, we make sure the broker processes withdrawals without delays and quickly, not charging a lot of low fee or charges whatsoever.

List of Best Forex Trading Brokers

Forex trading has recently seen a significant growth compared to the rest of the businesses all across the world. As more and more people continue to get involved in forex trading on a daily basis, we have decided to bring you an updated list of the best forex brokers.

These lists also contain valuable information about the advantages and the features you can expect to make use of as an investor and a trader. The list mentioning the Top 10 forex broker sites and their strengths and features begins here:

MB Trading

MB Trading Main PageMB trading is mainly known for providing its customers with really low spreads and is a broker which functions in the ECN are.

Moreover, the spreads they offer can get so low that they fall under the micro lot category of trading. We have had an amazing experience while trading with MB broker and are proud to say they meet all our criteria to qualify as one of the top 10 forex brokers in the world.


FXDD Main PageThe best part about FXDD brokers which we liked was that they offer the highest number of trading platforms which almost every broker uses, so the choices are diverse. Moreover, they provide an upgraded version of the latest MT4 platform.

That is not all, as they also offer a very superior server which instantly processes all your requests and executes your orders in no time. So the time factor is one less thing to worry about. Newcomers could benefit from this broker as it indirectly teaches them how forex trading is done and what it is.


FXCM Main PageFXCM is known for providing an excellent, user-friendly and efficient trading platform to all its traders which allow them to carry out quality forex trading. This is a broker offering ECN services, and yet another feature you are going to like about them is that they provide free trading signals along with hedging.

Moreover, no sort of extra fee whatsoever is charged by FXCM, making them one of the top 10 forex brokers all around the world.


HotForex Main PageHotForex has been a leader when it comes to providing quality and efficient services in the world of brokerage services and particularly in forex trading and has won several awards for the same. This broker is wholly licensed, regulated and approved by public authorities.

Moreover, they also give their users the freedom to choose from some different account types, trading platforms as well as tools for trading with the help of which any trader, fund manager or forex trading client can benefit and make profits. The best feature about this broker is that they process withdrawals and deposits very quickly.


eToro Main PageThis broker is one of the oldest brokers in the industry of forex trading and is known for providing long-lasting services. The minimum deposit you will be required to make is rather low at eToro, and the platform you are going to get to trade on is high-speed and efficient.

You will gain complete control of your trades, which is going to ensure you make profits regularly.


NSFX Main PageIf you are new to the forex trading world or are merely a beginner, NSFX would be an ideal broker for you as it dedicates itself towards helping new traders improve their overall trading skills. You are going to get a good start with NSFX in case you have never traded before.

Moreover, this broker is entirely secure and offers excellent forex services as well as perfect trading conditions. The withdrawal conditions are also convenient.


AC Markets Main PageThe best feature of this trade desk broker is that they guarantee their orders and their stops.

The broker does not demand much spread as well and allows traders to trade regarding Euros.

This is also one of the most trustworthy FX brokers you may find on the internet.

TTCM Traders Trust

Traders Trust Main PageThis broker is a well-known STP or ECN broker, and the best feature about it is that the spreads they provide are possibly the lowest compared to the rest of the forex brokers you are going to find on the forex trading market.

The broker is sure to meet all your expectations.

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